Catch Up Time – Part 2 – The Double, Double Edition

04 Mar
Catch Up Time – Part 2 – The Double, Double Edition

I’ve decided to take today off for a bit of “me” time, a personal day. Before my day gets too far under way, though, I thought it would be a good idea to get completely caught up with the postcards that arrived last week. Let’s get started.

It was a week of double double. In the same week, I received two postcards from Germany. On one day, I received two cards from the city of St. Petersburg, Russia – how unusual is THAT?


DE0001Somehow, I think this is not in Germany, even though the card arrived from Germany. There’s a Turkish Airlines logo at the bottom of the card. Perhaps Heike found the card while visiting Turkey. Nonetheless, great picture!

Trakky (aka Theresa) sent this cute kitten card from Germany, thinking I might like to pass it on to one of my granchildren. I might just do that.


DE20001Then, as I said at the beginning, these two cards arrived the same day, from the same city – St. Petersburg, Russia. I have not had that happen before!


RU0001Gorgeous cathedral, isn’t it?


RU0003I have no idea who the person in this card is supposed to be but I do love the quirkiness of this card.

Hmm.. it seems this post is turning into a lot of doubles. The first card I wrote about has the words “Turkish Airlines” on the back, making me think that it originated there. The following card is from Turkey; that would make another double. Then, the final double…. this card from Turkey and the following card, from Latvia, are both first cards from either of those countries. That’s a lot of doubles in one week!


Turkey0001So ancient! So beautiful! I really would love to visit that part of the world.


Vilnius0001Again, such a beautiful old building. We have nothing like this in our part of the world.

And that concludes our post of doubles, and we’re all caught up again.







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