Two More In The Door

08 Mar

In case you’re interested, here are my current Postcrossing stats.

ScreenShotAs you can see, I’ve received more cards than I’ve sent. That translates into a trickle of cards coming to our house rather than an avalanche. This week, two cards trickled in, both from Eastern Europe, both on the same day.

Today’s first card came from Tanya in Belarus.


BY0001I don’t know about you but I’m much more interested in the ruins at the left than I am in the building on the right. Tanya was also very complimentary about the picture I used in my Postcrossing profile, the same one I use in my profile here. Very sweet!

This week’s second card came from Elena in Ukraine. Technically, this doesn’t qualify as a postcard as it came in an envelope but I’m not one to complain. As a matter of fact, when cards do come in an envelope, it feels a little like receiving a gift. You just never know what will be inside and Elena’s card did not disappoint.

I did put in my Postcrossing profile that I love handmade cards and I meant it.

UA0000The envelope.

UA0001It may not be the easiest to see but the birds and the bamboo on this card are hand stitched! That’s right, Elena embroidered this card! The butterflies are little puffy stickers. Really, the scan doesn’t do this card justice. It’s lovely!

UA0002Elena’s handwriting is very nice, too.

Though I didn’t receive a lot of cards this week, I’m not at all disappointed in the cards that arrived.




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