And I’m Back

30 Nov
And I’m Back

Life seems to be settling down a bit now, thankfully. It’s time to get back to the things I enjoy…. like postcards. I won’t even try to post pictures of all the cards I’ve received since I last posted anything about cards; there have been too many for that. I will, however, post about the latest cards and drop in a few random cards that I’ve actually had the time and inclination to scan.


RU3152123 back

Being a knitter, I LOVE this card. It was immediately added to my favourites.


RU3152126 back

What a great scene, don’t you think? The back is so colourful! There are some wonderful stamps out there, aren’t there?

Tony sent this card from Minnesota. I love waterfalls!


US3063901 back

And then, there’s this one from Singapore… so pretty!


SG160012 back

It’s from the Beijing Opera; I wonder what the story is about.

Then, a couple of random postcards that I found particularly interesting. The first is a picture taken by the sender; what a great shot, don’t you think?






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